Getting the Word Out About Healthcare Reform

It seems everyone is talking about Health Care Reform, but is what they’re saying right? There might be a great deal of talk going around about Health Care Reform but for a long time it was speculative while the legislation was being debated, then it was reactive when the Act was signed and now we are still very much in the preparation stages with a lot of grey areas when it comes to clarity of information.

The Need for Education in Health Care Reform

Of the 50million Americans currently without any form of health insurance, 78% of these are unaware that there is a change coming. The main concern is that among these are a large proportion of young people who are vital to the success of the program.

Younger, healthier participants are valuable contributors to the insurance pool, without them the system won’t work. There is a national effort to educate and enroll people in health care and make them aware of their options. This is being orchestrated through hospitals, healthcare companies, insurance providers, community organizers, media groups and representatives from federal to local level.

Ongoing Campaigns in Health Care Reform Education

Enroll America are one group getting involved with the education campaign, announcing more than 50 events in 18 states, canvassing neighborhoods and giving speeches explaining the need for health insurance. The efforts are particularly focused on young people. The aim of the group is to overcome the public skepticism that exists around Health Care Reform and prove the new plans are worthwhile. President of the group, Anne Filipic summarized it as an attempt to create “an echo chamber or information”.

Shared Responsibility 

The responsibility lies with everyone when regarding health care reform information. Government are to inform and regulate through legislation, insurance agents and brokers are to pass on their knowledge to our clients and it is also the public’s responsibility to seek out this information. This “echo chamber” as opposed to Chinese whispers is about finding information and educating ourselves on our options and how Health Care Reform will affect us. What are our rights as employees? How are my family affected? What options are available if we are out of work?

Education campaigns and the overall success of the reformed Health Care system rely on our individual efforts to seek out information and educate ourselves.

How have you approached learning about Health Care Reform?

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One thought on “Getting the Word Out About Healthcare Reform

  1. daveperez says:

    The employer mandate was pushed to 2015 I wonder if the individual mandate will be pushed as well. Either way it is wise to stay informed!

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