Your Company’s Return to Work Program

Workplace accidents are unfortunate events that can disrupt both the physical and financial well-being of your employees. In the event of a work-related accident, your Return to Work Program will help your employees transition back into productive roles as they recover from an injury.

If an employee is injured as a result of his/her job, the Return to Work program is designed to get them back on their feet and return to their job as soon as possible. Benefits of the program to your employees include:

  • Being able to perform meaningful work despite physical restrictions while recovering
  • Maintaining personal income level
  • Retaining status within the company
  • Avoiding the boredom associated with long periods at home recovering
  • Not missing important company announcements, events, meetings and other goings-on
  • Maintaining body conditioning and helping return to pre-injury strength and condition level
  • Quickening the recovery process

Modified Duty

Modified duty work is an important part of the rehabilitation process that allows your injured employee to maintain a certain level of activity within a physician’s prescribed restrictions. Modified duty work combined with physical or occupational therapy is the best method for moving your employees along on the road to recovery.

In addition, modified duty is crucial to the successful return to the employee’s regular job after an injury. Identify modified duty positions within your organization and share these with your injured employee. These positions should be considered when accommodating temporary work restrictions.

If your employees have been injured on the job, attempt to place them in one of the modified duty positions in your job bank as soon as you receive a Return to Work release form from their doctor. Let them know they will be placed in the position that best falls within their temporary work restrictions.

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