Defining What We do in a Tough Economy

In troubled economic times, there are things that business leaders find that they can depend on and things that they thought they could but, come to find out, they really can’t when it really counts.

 The business relationships that fall into the latter category are seemingly symbiotic in good times, but as the purse strings tighten, it becomes clear that the relationship was really one-sided all along with one, lone beneficiary.  In a recent meeting with a large contractor who was heavily impacted by our recent/current recession (depending on which half of the glass you choose), we received one of the greatest complements any professional can receive. Toward the end of our Strategy Meeting, I was wrapping things up after one of the most optimistic and productive meetings with this client in recent memory. I could tell that the owner wanted to say something, but was having reservations. I asked, “Is there anything else we need to cover?”

 In an uncharacteristic emotional tone, my client told me, “We have been through hell these past 18 months and we are back on our feet. We were down and everyone we did business with was kicking us…but not you. You helped us. You and your company gave us ideas that kept money in our pockets and even sent us a couple of jobs to go after. Y’all actually gave a damn about us. Thank you.”

I graciously accepted his remarks.  On the way back to the office I thought about how satisfying it was to provide the level of service I envisioned for this client. I was proud of what my team had done for this client and the client based processes we have in place for each of our clients.  It was another very tangible indication that our process works, and more importantly, the process works when it is most critical.

What we do at Texas Associates Insurors/NewFirst Insurors is always rewarding. However, seldom is our mission so plainly vocalized.

 Thank you for letting us partner with your business.  It is truly an honor to serve as one of your trusted advisors.

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