Get in the Game!

In three weeks every one of you will be able to speak your peace about what is going on in Washington as well as your own community.  Election day is Tuesday November 2, 2010 and should be underlined on every calendar in America.  Regardless of your political affiliation, exercising your right to vote is one of the great privileges we enjoy in this great country.  Sadly, less than half of the registered voters participate in federal elections, with that number being even lower for local races.

There are some significant issues facing our country and our local communities.  At Texas Associates we encourage the members of our team to not only vote in each and every election, but to get involved with a candidate or cause.  A true representative democracy can only exist when the people not only voice but exercise their feelings and beliefs on election day.  Researching, identifying then voting for your choice for elected leadership is something we all should embrace.

So this November 2, get in the game.  Exercise your right to vote, and make a difference in Washington and at home.

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