Trusted Choice: More than a Brand

At Texas Associates we are a Trusted Choice Agency, which means we are dedicated to partnering with our clients to not only provide a product, but a promise:  Choice, Advocacy and Customization!

As an independent agent, we represent a host of national and regional insurance carriers.  Part our commitment to our clients is to provide them options and choices when it comes to insuring their homes and businesses.  We work for the client, and not the insurance carrier.

Advocacy could be the most important thing we offer our clients.  Whether at the time of a claim,  to properly underwrite a risk or even during the legislative process our clients rely on us to protect their interest.  Insurance is an economic generator in every state, and without a strong insurance advocate many business owners would be unable to manage the risk and grow their respective businesses. 

There are no two business or risk alike.  In order to properly insure a business, a broker must first understand the nuances of the business then have the leverage and clout with the insurance carriers to manuscript or clarify the intent of coverage for certain situations.  Customization is critical to building a risk management and insurance program for those entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level.

Insist on the Trusted Choice characteristics from your broker, or call our office if we can be of help.

To find a Trusted Choice agent in your area go to

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