Summer Vacations

The summer or family vacation is an experience many of us enjoy this time of the year.  Whether flying to an exotic beach resort or packing up the suburban for a trip across the state there are some housekeeping items to consider with your personal insurance program.

If you are taking any type of jewelry with you, check to see if those items are specifically scheduled on your homeowners policy or part of a personal articles floater.  “Mysterious disappearance” is not a covered peril on most homeowner policies so you will need to specifically schedule those items that might be vulnerable on a trip.  By the way, that includes those fancy golf clubs that you may be traveling with as well.  Call you Trusted Advisor, for suggestions or our office and we can walk you thru the process.

In a previous post we covered rental car insurance, so I won’t go into too much detail, but the same issues apply to renting a vehicle for personal use as it does for business.  Contact your credit card company and see what kind of protection they offer, then check with your agent or broker to see how your personal auto coverage would respond.  Remember, “loss of use” is rarely covered by outside insurance policies. 

The cost to schedule jewelry or add rental car protection to your automobile policy are inexpensive ways to round out your insurance program and make for a more enjoyable vacation should you have a loss while on the road.  At your next renewal review or meeting with your broker, be sure and find out how your insurance program would respond to these two issues or call Texas Associates for some guidance. 

Safe travels!

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    Thanks for blogging….looks good.

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