Holiday Boaters

This past weekend we were with family and friends at Lake LBJ near Marble Falls, Texas celebrating the 4th of July.  As with most holiday weekends, the lake was crowded with boaters.  Unfortunately it seems like the “Holiday Boater” is primarly the inexperienced boater that typically rents some kind of watercraft (jet skiis are the worst) and takes to the water as if it is his or her own domain.  Most experienced boaters won’t even venture out on July 4th. 

Not surprisingly, the increase in boat traffic on holidays leads to an uptick in boat accidents, and according the U.S. Coast Guard the number one cause of those accidents in BWI (boating while impaired) with alcohol related incidents being primary. My guess is that shortly after the 4th, the number of personal umbrella claims that are filed also increases accordingly, although I could not find any statistics to support that assertion, but it stands to reason. More inexperienced boaters leads to more accidents which translates into more lawsuits, and that’s why we recommend our clients have a personal umbrella policy.

Even if they don’t own boats, the protection offered by a personal umbrella policy extends to the automobiles they own, liability at their home, or vacation property.  Particularly if our clients have teenagers, a personal umbrella policy will help protect them should a sudden accident or tragedy strike.

Call your Trusted Advisor for information on personal umbrella policies or contact our firm.

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