Hurricane Season Is Here!

You may not realize it but the hurricane season for 2010 is under way.  The “experts” are predicting an active season, and as I type this blog, Tropical Storm Alex is gaining momentum in the Gulf of Mexico.  The predictions are that it will reach hurricane status later this week and possibly hit the southern part of Texas.  Securing insurance coverage during hurricane season is the equivalent of insuring an automobile after an accident, but it is a good time to take some steps to make sure you are prepared, should a storm come your way. 

Keep in mind that Hurricane Ike caused $550M worth of damage in the state of Ohio, so the impact of storm season isn’t just on the coast.  The link below has some helpful hints for those property owners that might be impacted by a storm this season.

For those of us not in the direct path of a storm, it is still a good idea to take inventory of property values and deductibles on your personal or commercial property.  Your insurance broker should be providing this type of information at your quarterly planning meetings, but if not, take it upon yourself to research the information.  An uninsured or underinsured loss can have a devastating effect on a business.  Take the time today to make sure you know how your property policy will respond in case of a catastrophe.

If you have any questions, or would like a complimentary review of your policy documents, contact me Bill Harrison Jr at or visit our web site. 

To keep track of Tropical Storm Alex or any storm activity visit

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